How it all started

Our love for fried chicken began in the backstreets of Melbourne’s Chinatown district. It became part of our weekend tradition. Big plates of crispy fried chicken and cold jugs of beer before a night out. Sometimes it even became the night out.

After relocating from Melbourne in 2013 we found fried chicken everywhere, but not as we knew it. Our search was exhaustive. High streets and back streets. In the end we knew we’d have to do it ourselves.

Coqfighter started out as a fried chicken night for mates. It evolved. It got better and better. In 2015 we launched as a pop up in The Star by Hackney Downs. It was long hours but we loved it! From there we moved on to pop ups and residencies in pubs all over London. We gathered friends along the way and soon enough we had a loyal little following. Then we opened our first tiny site at Boxpark in Croydon, kitchen no bigger than a cupboard. From there we opened a bigger site in Boxpark Shoreditch. With 28 seats we now had more space. More space for more friends, more chicken and more beer. We’ve even been lucky enough to brew our own.

Troy, Tristan & Deacon